New York New Jersey 2026 Endorses Children’s Bill of Rights in Sports

New York New Jersey 2026 Endorses Children’s Bill of Rights in Sports 1920 1080 FIFA World Cup 26 New York New Jersey™

New York New Jersey 2026 Endorses Children’s Bill of Rights in Sports

NYNJ, Site of FIFA World Cup 26™ Final, Puts Human Rights at Center of Hosting Effort

NEW YORK NEW JERSEY (May 15, 2024) – The New York New Jersey FIFA World Cup 26™ Host Committee today announced its endorsement of the Aspen Institute’s Children’s Bill of Rights in Sports, a resource designed to create a shared cultural understanding that all youth should have the opportunity to develop as people through sports.

The endorsement reflects the latest major milestone in New York New Jersey (NYNJ)’s ongoing commitment to human rights. NYNJ aims to stage a FIFA World Cup 2026™ tournament which is inclusive of all New Jerseyans and New Yorkers, including the region’s youngest residents.

The Host Committee has made youth a priority target population in its human rights efforts, incorporating a specific focus on the unique needs and perspectives of young people to ensure they are protected, supported, and included. The Children’s Bill of Rights in Sports will help to further guide this mission to center youth in FIFA World Cup 26™ NYNJ and in its legacy efforts to grow the game beyond 2026.

“Since we launched our effort to bring the 2026 World Cup to our region, we have put human rights at the center of everything we do,” said Bruce Revman and Lauren LaRusso, Co-Host City Managers, FIFA World Cup 26™ NYNJ Host Committee. “New York and New Jersey are poised to deliver a world class experience – and our values, especially our commitment to human rights, are at the center of that effort. We are honored to endorse the Aspen Institute’s Children’s Bill of Rights in Sports.”

The NYNJ Host Committee’s work to advance human rights so far has included: the development of a comprehensive human rights report; a partnership with the Centre for Sports and Human Rights on their Generation 2026 project to focus on child rights, participation, and safety; and a partnership with the US Soccer Foundation to build 26 mini-pitches in underserved communities throughout New Jersey and New York City.

“I’m thrilled to be leading our effort to ensure human rights are at the core of our planning and community engagement,” said Brianna Keys, NYNJ’s Director of Human Rights and Sustainability. “Sports are a wonderful tool through which to unlock the health, safety, and emotional well-being of young people. The ideals outlined by the Children’s Bill of Rights in Sports align perfectly with the mission our team is pursuing and will help us continue to ensure that our work safeguards and empowers youth.”

The Aspen Institute believes that, when delivered well, sports participation is one of society’s best tools for addressing a range of larger challenges – from obesity prevention to cancer risk reduction, gender equity to the social inclusion of people with disabilities, racial bias to the restoration of civic trust across communities. To that end a working group of human rights and sports policy experts developed the eight-point Children’s Bill of Rights in Sports. The full list of rights can be viewed here.

“Every kid deserves access to a great sports experience,” said Aspen Institute Sports & Society Program Executive Director Tom Farrey. “Hundreds of athletes and organizations have endorsed the values of the Children’s Bill of Rights in Sports, and we’re thrilled that NYNJ will be bringing those values to life at the World Cup.”

“The NYNJ Host Committee has a deep commitment to children’s rights and has from the beginning,” said Mary Harvey, Chief Executive Officer of the Centre for Sport and Human Rights. “We look forward to continued partnership with the NYNJ Host Committee and the incredible partners in the region.”

On Feb. 4, 2024, New York New Jersey was awarded the rights to host the FIFA World Cup 26™ Final and seven other matches throughout the tournament at New York New Jersey Stadium (MetLife Stadium) in East Rutherford, New Jersey. These matches are projected to generate over $2 billion in economic impact for the NYNJ region, and to support over 14,000 jobs. Moreover, it is expected that the tournament will bring over 1 million visitors to the region, roughly half of whom will be non-ticketholders.

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